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Confused by motorcycle insurance? Here’s what coverage can do for you.


Finding the best way to protect your motorcycle is almost as important as protecting yourself while you’re on the road. With so many motorcycle insurance options, we can help you understand your motorcycle insurance coverage.

Dairyland® offers a variety of motorcycle insurance coverage options to meet your unique needs:

  • Liability-only
  • Collision
  • Comprehensive
  • Physical damage plus
  • Optional/special equipment
  • Replacement cost
  • Medical expense
  • Guest passenger
  • Underinsured or uninsured protection
  • Roadside assistance

We’ll explore the benefits of motorcycle insurance coverage to help you decide what type of coverage is right for you.

Motorcycle insurance can keep your wallet protected after you’re in an accident

One of the most common kinds of insurance is liability-only, which protects your wallet and helps pay for damage or injury you caused in an accident.

When you cause an accident and someone else gets hurt, bodily injury coverage can help you pay for their lost wages, medical bills, pain and suffering, and funeral expenses.

Even if you caused the accident, your bike may have been damaged, too. Collision coverage is an additional option that can help. We know it can be expensive to fix your motorcycle, and this coverage helps make sure those payments aren’t going to break the bank.

If you get in an accident, these options should make filing a claim—and everything that comes after—a little bit easier.

Accidents can happen even when you’re not in a crash

Sometimes your bike tips over, is hit with something, or is damaged during winter storage. All of those things are out of your control. If this happens, comprehensive coverage is there to make sure your motorcycle stays protected. This extra type of coverage isn’t usually covered under a typical liability-only insurance policy.

Keep your motorcycle running well with top-of-the-line parts

When your motorcycle is damaged, we know all you want is for your bike to ride (and look) as it did before. Physical damage plus coverage helps make sure your bike is getting the proper replacement parts after the original parts were damaged in an accident. Genuine, original manufacturer replacement parts will be used in the repair, as they should be.

Protect your customized gear

Your bike is an extension of your personality—and that means you may have added extra equipment that typical insurance won’t cover. Optional/special equipment coverage helps protect against damage or loss of equipment that’s not factory standard.

What if my motorcycle is totaled in an accident?

If the worst happens to your motorcycle and it’s totaled in an accident, replacement cost coverage can help ease the financial burden of replacing your bike, if your bike is three years old or newer.

What should I do if I’m injured in a motorcycle accident?

Unfortunately, accidents do happen, and they can cause real stress—especially if you or someone else gets hurt. To help cover injuries in an accident, there are a few options to choose from:

  • Medical expense coverage is there to help with medical bills and costs in case you or your passenger are injured in an accident.
  • Personal injury protection helps cover any medical costs for you or any other eligible person who’s covered under your insurance, no matter who caused the accident. This coverage can also help replace lost wages caused by an accident. This coverage isn’t available in all states, so reach out to your Dairyland agent to make sure that this motorcycle insurance option is the right one for you.
  • Insurance can also help if a passenger is injured in an accident where you are at fault through our guest passenger coverage. This helps provide medical coverage for any bodily injuries your passenger has as a result of the accident.

What should I do if my motorcycle is hit by a driver without insurance?

Whether you’re hit by an uninsured driver or an underinsured driver, there are options to make sure you stay protected:

  • If you ever worry that you’ll get in a wreck caused by a driver who has insurance, but their policy isn’t enough to cover the cost of your injuries or damage to your motorcycle, you can opt for underinsured motorist bodily injury or underinsured motorist property damage coverage. These options help close the gap between the amount you’re getting from the other driver’s insurance and what you’d be paying out of pocket for medical or motorcycle repair costs.
  • If you get in an accident caused by an uninsured driver, then uninsured motorist bodily injury coverage and uninsured motorist property damage coverage is there to provide protection. It helps cover medical costs or the cost of repairs to a damaged motorcycle.

What if your bike breaks down or is hit far from home?

If you leave your toolkit behind on a ride, we’re here to help. Aside from all of the insurance options offered, we also have roadside assistance to help with mechanical problems, electrical breakdown, an empty gas tank, dead battery, lost key, flat tire, or low fluids. We’ll even cover towing your bike to the nearest service station.

Dairyland also has options for when you plan a long ride and your bike is hit by another driver more than 100 miles from home. If you opt for trip interruption coverage, your insurance policy will help pay for some of the expenses surrounding the accident, including:

  • Food
  • Lodging
  • Lost deposits
  • Transportation
  • Towing

Get the coverage you need

As soon as you think about buying a motorcycle, start exploring what kind of insurance is best for you and your investment. No matter what kind you ride, Dairyland can insure you and your bike.

The cost of motorcycle insurance varies depending on the options you need. If you’re still not sure what coverage is right for you, request a free Dairyland motorcycle insurance quote.

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